Reasons I don’t want to live in India

I now learn that the agents don’t prefer magic in the Matrix Any magic found amongst the muggles would be punishable against their agency Weed is a magical plant.Indian government is the real culprit although the magic is negative in India.Muslims are ruling over India and after satisfactory training with Nepali hash (foriegn investment for… Continue reading Reasons I don’t want to live in India

Why Nepal for the sentinels?

I’m going to talk about the connection between between Matrix, India and Nepal. I found the weed in India different via regional or seasonal. My regional includes Northern India and Southern India while my seasonal is based on the progress of the weed strain so far caused by my handling. I’ve already talked earlier in… Continue reading Why Nepal for the sentinels?

The Creator of Maya Jaal & The Liar

Ram’s father maybe created the web to protect the name of his Son Ram and appointed Krishna to preach it as religion. Krishna woke up and found Ram’s father helped him from a terrible life and so got the idea of preaching Religion and became a Lord in India.