My appeal to refuge for moving to Canada

- Mohit Khanna
I'm a resident of India, and have travelled to lots of countries in the world. I studied at a boarding school in India, and went for a 3 months exchange to Canada in 2001. This exchange trip allowed me to learn Canadian culture and make Canadian friends. The 2001 year also had a plane crash event in New York, and I'll start with the topic of the article with this event.

I'm a resident of India, and have been suffering since the start of the CoronaVirus. The lockdown woke me up with the knowledge that I have to move out of the country now, and I've been trying my best. I've taken courses, got 1 diploma, and 1 graduation degree (non-accredited) and studied mobile development and started my career as a Musician. Before this I was lost in my telepathic world that my parents would allow me to settle in Canada only because I had thought about it in my head.

I'm writing this email to you in request to use the details below, and allow me to contact you later regarding anything you might want to know. I've got lots to talk about, and still don't know whether it's a magical world for me, or a matrix world.
  • 1999: I was in 9th grade in high school when Matrix was released.
  • 2000: The Y2k virus.
  • 2001: Went to Canada for an Educational course. New York was attacked. Islamic world doesn't want me educated.
  • 2004: I went to college, dropped out due to depression over loneliness when I found that The Matrix was real for me.
  • 2010: Went to Australia. Movie 3 Idiots was released. Abbreviated as "THREATS'' (3-ts). Paul's movie later suggests I can still travel (even if I'm being threatened). P.K. movie later in 2014 suggesting allow me to throw myself. Made to drink poison due to the 2010 musician attacker, "the invisible enemy", and hence comes to surrender to the USA for not following the no-drugs policy as per the not-for-kids education.
  • 2011: Went to Italy and Switzerland. Movie Paul, prediction of an epidemic where I get stuck in my country. Wanted to help the country evolve and get educated with prosperity, and instead got attacked by a whole mob of voices and people, threatening since 2020.
  • 2012: Went to Hong Kong. The magical world started when I came back from Hong Kong... Non-Seasonal rainfall starts in Delhi and in Asia later.
  • 2014: I went to Goa, one of my uncle in my hometown died in an accident, and I visited Goa again, and got into an accident and broke my back.
  • 2015: Earthquake in Nepal. I got attacked and had to go to the hospital.
  • 2016: Went to Dubai. Moved out of home, people died. Italy had an earthquake. I drank a drug infused potion in the hope that it would cure my problems. Have been going bald since then.
  • 2017: Went to Nepal. Dubai got flooded. Audioslave's death, later Linkin Park's death. Drank another government authorized drug potion, and am retarding from 2020 due to this intake.
  • 2018: Went to Nepal again. Family people died, Avicci died. Got attacked by food poison by unknown people. I went to Thailand for a vacation.
  • 2019: The Prodigy's lead singer died. NewzeaLand and NetherLands had terrorist attacks claiming "NL:Anal" abuse against me. My grandmother passed away. In Hong Kong and Canada, riots started in Hong Kong.
  • 2020: Start of the epidemic, with me stuck in my apartment, and attacked by voices. Went to the USA for almost a month.
  • 2021: The USA had heavy floods. Went to Turkey for a month.
  • 2022: Went to Thailand.
  • 2023: Earthquake in Turkey.

I need to move out of my country. I'm a Web/Mobile Developer ( and have a starting career in Music ( Please could I be allowed into America and then settle in Canada? I can either write a petition ( and start a campaign, although that would take a lot of time. There's a war going on in Europe, and I have to leave my country before I'm stuck again.

Thanks and Regards,
-Mohit Khanna.